Insta-Net Garage Door Hockey Tarp

Insta-Net Garage Door Hockey Tarp
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After months and months of designing, planning and developing, it is finally here. A very amazing new product is now available. Players of all ages will find the Insta-Net the best thing since... well since hockey began (with hockey nets).

  • Play hockey like never before at your house
  • You can play all year round
  • The whole neighborhood will be amazed

The Insta-Net was developed after hearing so many stories about how hockey could be played better, safer and more fun right at your own house. Parents and kids alike were always complaining and arguing about where to put the hockey net. "Don't shoot at the garage", "Don't play out in the street". "Miss the hockey net and go look for the puck". "Make sure you put the hockey net away after you finished playing". "A hockey net! Where are we going to store it?".

It's a typical weekend morning.

Your kids say they want to play some street hockey. You're tired but tell them to wait a minute while you go move the car and look for the street hockey net and the street hockey equipment. You know they're buried somewhere in the garage.

Too late, they already found it behind the car and proceed to scrape bang and haul it outside.

We all remember what happens next. You hear that horrible sound of the puck pounding the garage door over and over. It's almost ready to be replaced...again! But it's street hockey and we have to play! We need street hockey equipment!

Garage Hockey Ltd The answer is right here. Problem solved.

* You have the Insta-Net


Hockey players of all ages will love using the Insta-Net on full size graphics.

Take shots and not worry if you hit the garage, because you can't. It's protected!

Parents will see the benefits too. Here they know exactly where you are. Safely playing hockey on your own yard. Not in a busy street and not who-knows-where.

The Insta-Net was professionally designed to simulate a real hockey goal arena. All components are to scale... (just like ice hockey goals). Real model details like the net reflecting in the plexiglass. Scuff marks on the boards. You can actually see the threads of the net mesh! Finished in 13oz. scrim reinforced vinyl for all year all weather conditions.

The Insta-Net (hockey goal) fits all standard garage sizes. Measures 10 feet wide by 8 feet tall. Height can be adjusted and locked in.

  • Mounting brackets are attached under the garage header. Roller is angled up and won't interfere with the garage door. In fact the garage door can be open or closed.
  • Roller cord releases the Insta-Net to desired height and then ties down. Unleash and pull back up and it's out of the way!
  • Includes all necessary aluminum mounting hardware and weather resistant parts. The mounting bracket is designed at 7 feet to allow lateral movement away from obstructions such as lights, etc. which may be important on tight fitting areas around 8 foot garages.
  • Great thought went into the design and production of the Insta-Net. We used the best materials possible to make sure all our customers are 100% satisfied.
  • Go ahead and get an Insta-Net. You'll be impressed and so will your friends and neighbors. Your hockey game just got better!

The Insta-Net can also easily be installed in your basement. Let your kids play hockey in privacy where they can practice their hockey skills. Anytime, rain or shine, all year enjoyment.

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