Off-Ice Hockey Poly Shooting Board 24"x72"

Off-Ice Hockey Poly Shooting Board 24"x72"
Off-Ice Hockey Poly Shooting Board 24"x72"
Item# HSB24X72
Regular Price: $99.95
Our Price: $87.95

This Hockey Shooting Board is contructed of high density polyethylene and is one quarter inch thick. You can't get glue or paint to stick to this amazing stuff, so you know the puck's gonna fly.

Practice your shooting skills off-ice with this Poly Shooting Board. Great for off-ice training. Excellent shooting pad to practice your off ice shooting or stickhandling skills. Helps to protect ice hockey stick blade when shooting on concrete or paved surface.


  • Makes off-ice hockey shooting practice more realistic and effective.
  • Simulates real on ice puck action
  • Slippery, smooth and protects those very expensive hockey sticks from rough surfaces
  • Great surface for any hockey player to practice stick handling and shooting
  • Maximize your off ice shooting and stickhandling practicing
  • Easy to carry around and store

This item ships direct from the factory. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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