6 Best Street Hockey Goalie Sets

We've done the research. Below are the best selling street hockey goalie sets. These are the top ranked goalie kits according to review sites around the web.

1. Franklin Sports Kids Hockey Goalie Set - NHL - Large/X-Large

The Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp 100 Goalie Set features goalie pads, catch glove and blocker. Designed to reduce, not prevent injury. Anatomically designed for freedom of motion. Full-coverage high-impact Shok-Sorb padding, durable construction for long lasting play. National Hockey League Licensed.

For the price the The Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp 100 Goalie Set is a great starter street goalie set. These pads are junior sized but can be worn by adults if you want to let the little guys lob some street hockey balls at you. You certainly wouldn't want to wear these when the kids are older firing pucks at the net though. The main complaint with the Franklin Goalie Set is straps tearing easily. Also, as with most goalie leg pads besides the ones with a hard plastic shell, these may rip and tear on rough surfaces. Please note this goalie set does NOT include a chest protector.

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2. Franklin Sports Hockey Goalie Equipment Set - NHL - Tuukka Rask Series

The Tuukka Rask Goalie Equipment Set includes Goalie Leg Pads, Catch Glove and Blocker, specially designed with Tuukka and Bruins graphics so that you can block shots in style. This set is intended for recreational street and roller hockey play with an official size 2 5/8 inch street hockey ball, and is not intended for any type of puck play. It has been sized to fit most goalies ages 9-12 (Jr L/XL).

This goalie set is basically the same as the Franklin SX comp 100 Goalie Set above but with the Tuuka and Bruins graphics. If you're a Bruins fan you certainly can't go wrong with these goalie pads. They are generally durable, look great, and are a reasonable price. As with most goalie leg pads besides the ones with a hard plastic shell, these may rip and tear on rough surfaces. Please note this goalie set does NOT include a chest protector.

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3. Elite Hockey Carey Price Street Goalie Kit

The CCM Carey Price Street Goalie Kit is one of the newer goalie sets available and includes a glove, blocker, chest pad, and leg pads. All you need is the stick and face mask of your choice. This is a great kit for kids looking to play street hockey with their friends. This equipment is not designed to protect against ice hockey pucks and is not designed to be used during ice hockey play. Make sure to stay safe and have fun out there with this street goalie kit. With pads that are designed to look like the E-Flex set that Carey Price uses, you'll feel and look like a pro while wearing these pads.

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4. Mylec Goalie Set, Blue/White/Black, 21-Inch

The Mylec Youth Goalie Set includes one pair of 21" goalie leg pads, 1 catch glove, one blocker and a water bottle. These pads are anatomically designed for roller hockey, street hockey, and dek hockey.

Mylec has been manufacturing street hockey equipment for a long time so they must be doing something right. The Mylec Youth Goalie Set is relatively durable but according to reviews if used a lot will wear out pretty quickly particularly on rougher surfaces. But the good thing is this set isn't very expensive so you won't be breaking the bank if you have to buy a new set after a year. The Mylec youth set is for kids younger than around age 10. If you are looking for larger junior sizes or senior sized Mylec goalie sets we offer them here.

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5. Franklin Sports Kids Hockey Goalie Set - NHL

The Franklin Youth Goalie Set is geared more towards indoor knee hockey type of activities. There are complaints of the pads being flimsy and the fact you can't really "catch" anything with catch glove because it is not deep enough. But for $40-$50 you really can't expect any great quality. These pads are what they. They look good and kids 8 and under will have a blast playing mini knee hockey.

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6. Bauer Reactor Street Hockey Goalie Kit (White/Blue, 27)

Make the big save with the Bauer Reactor Street Hockey Goalie Set. The leg pads are made with rugged nylon, making them great for prolonged use while three adjustable quick release buckles allow the goalie pads to be taken on and off easily. The Bauer Reactor glove includes a mesh catcher pocket and professional design that is great for the big glove saves and the Bauer Reactor Street Hockey Goalie Kit comes with a blocker to deflect pucks away from your net.

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