Hockey Terms

Here are some cool terms that the pros use.

ASSIST: The pass or passes which lead to the scoring of a goal. Up to two player assists can be awarded per goal. And by the way, an assist is worth the same as a goal!

BETWEEN THE PIPES: Playing goal. "A goalie plays between the pipes."

BISCUIT: A nickname for the puck. "Pass me the biscuit."

BREAKAWAY: When a player with the puck clears past the opposition and moves in for an open shot on goal.

CLEAR THE PUCK: Sending the puck out of the defensive zone.

DANGLE: Someone with awesome stickhandling ability. "He can dangle," or "He's a dangler."

DEKE/DEKING: A fake made by the puck carrier to get around an opponent. "He dekes right and then moves left past the opposing player."

FEEDING: Passing the puck to a teammate. "Feed me!"

FIVE HOLE: When a goalie stands in the goal, there are 4 natural open "holes" (upper left and right corner and lower left and right corner). The 5th hole (five hole) is the space between the goalie's legs.

HAT TRICK: Three goals scored by one player in a single game.

LID: A player's helmet. "Strap on your lid."

ONE-TIMER: When a player immediately shoots the puck upon receiving a pass without stick-handling first. "He one-timed it into the goal."

PADS: Protective shin pads worn by the goalie.

ROOFED/TOP SHELF: To shoot the puck into the top part of the goal for a goal. "He roofed it." "He scored top shelf."

SWEATER: A player's jersey. Jerseys were called sweaters because they were originally made of wool. "I'm proud to wear my team's sweater." "Never let that sweater touch the floor."

TARGET: A term sometimes used to describe the goalie.

TWIG: A stick. Most hockey sticks are made from wood.

TWO-ON-ONE: When two players on the offense move forward toward the goal against only one defensive player (also two-on-two, three-on-one, three-on-two).

WHEELS: A term used to describe a player with exceptional speed. "He's got great wheels!"

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